Nick Joliat

software projects

casio music (2015-)

I compose and improvise music with a managerie of toy Casio keyboards and FX pedals. The older pieces tend to be solo; newer pieces and improvisations often have collaborators. I have released a short album Casio Music 1 which you can find above; I'm finishing up a full length followup Casio Music 2, to be released summer 2020. Following are videos of some newer pieces from a performance in April 2019:

Here is an improvisation with Caitlin Cawley (percussion) and Dylan Sherry (sax) at Spectrum NYC (August 2017):

transpiler (band) (2015-)

I compose and play experimental music in a band called Transpiler. You can find our Transpiler EP above. . (NOTE: Transpiler has been inactive since late 2017 but we have a full length album which I am hoping to release someday! Our rarely-active facebook page: facebook)

other music projects

some other keyboard music I have written and recorded:
prepared piano piece 2
rock, paper

masters' thesis at MIT Media Lab (2011-2012)

completed a thesis on spatialized data sonification in 3D virtual environments in the Responsive Environments Group under the supervision of Joe Paradiso.
ICAD 2013: Doppellab spatialized time-compressed audio
MIT M.Eng / Media Lab thesis
NIME 2012: Patchwork web controlled synthesizer
IEEE Sensors 2011: DoppelLab


njoliat at gmail